Winter Necessities For Your Vehicle 2020-2021:

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Winter Driving Items

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Be safe this winter and avoid getting stranded when driving in wintery conditions with these helpful items.

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Autobots Shockwave Jump Starter | Best Portable Car Battery Booster with Smart Jumper Cables | 600 Peak Amp 18000 mAh 12 V Automotive Jump Box Power Pack & Mobile Super Charger Kit

Autobots shockwave jump starter – battery booster is a great item to keep in your vehicle during the winter, or any other time to give yourself a jumpstart when nobody else is around.

The dimensions of this Autobots shockwave jump starter are 9 x 5.2 x 3.4 inches and it weighs in at 9.2 ounces. Don’t let the small size fool you, this little baby packs a punch. It has a high capacitor lithium ion battery to give your battery the extra boost it needs to start your engine.

The Autobots shockwave jump starter is capable of helping to start 6.5L gas and 5.0L diesel engines. It is also a power bank that will charge all your mobile devices.


  • Compact in size.
  • Doubles as a power bank.
  • Has clamps that safely attach to your battery.
  • Built in LED Light with SOS feature to signal others.
  • One reviewer on Amazon claimed it didn’t work on a completely dead battery.

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Cartman Booster Cable 4 Gauge x 20Ft in Carry Bag (4AWG x 20Ft) UL-Listed

Jumper cables are great to have hany when you need a jumpstart, or to help another stranded driver.

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Security Chain Company SC1032 Radial Chain Cable Traction Tire Chain - Set of 2

Radial Chain was the first brand name in cable chain winter traction supplies.

They are simple to install, but you should practice it at least once before you need to use them.

1: Place the cable chains in front of the tires with the hooks for the notches facing down.

2: Then carefully drive forward until your tires are centered over the cable chains.

3: Hook the notches on the cable chains as you work your way around the tire.

4: One the cable chains are on tighten them.

5: Drive your vehicle for a block, and re-tighten them.

Be sure to follow the manufactures instillation, and safety instructions.

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ISSE C60066 Classic Issue Snow Socks for Traction, Size 66

Snow socks are used to increase your vehicle’s traction when driving on slippery roads covered with snow and ice. They are designed to be used on roads covered in snow and ice at speeds not to exceed 30 miles per hour. They must be removed when road conditions change to dryer conditions with asphalt exposed, or the material will be quickly damaged.

Snow socks offer extra traction nearly as good as snow chains, are easier to install and won’t damage the road like snow chains can. They can be used in areas where snow chains are prohibited.

Snow Sock Pros:

  • Offers amazing traction in hazardous winter driving conditions.
  • Simple and quick to install on your tires.
  • Unlike tire chains, there is no vibration while driving.
Snow Sock Cons:
  • They will get shredded and torn apart within minutes of being driven on dry pavement.
  • Snow socks provide slightly less traction than tire chains and are not as durable long-term.

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AstroAI 27”Snow Brush and Detachable Ice Scraper with Ergonomic Foam Grip for Cars, Trucks, SUVs (Heavy Duty ABS, PVC Brush)

This durable snow brush with detachable ice scraper is a necessary item to have in your car. Scraping ice off your windows will be a daily task in wintery weather. Also in many areas you are responsible for damage caused to other vehicles by snow flying off of your vehicle so make sure you clear all the snow off especially the roof.

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SubZero 17222 Heavy Duty Aluminum Emergency Shovel

A snow shovel is a useful tool to have in your vehicle to dig your car out after a snowstorm. Don’t get caught without one, or you may end up on your knees clearing the snow away by hand.

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