Can Positive Thinking Get Him / Her Back?

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Can Positive Thinking Get Him / Her Back

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Positive thinking will help us to achieve our goals and get favorable results in everything we do.

Can positive thinking effect the mental state of another person and make them love us?

Love is a wonderful thing. We can fall in love with someone with our mind, body and soul.

It only works if the feeling is mutual. The object of our affection doesn't always feel the same way.

We have all heard about the power of positive thinking, and some have wondered if the power of positive thinking can win back the one they love, or get their love in the first place.

When people are overcome with emotion for the person they believe they love so dearly, they will do anything to get the one they love.

So obsessed are they with their desire to be with the one they love, they are blinded to the difference between love and attachment.

According to Tenzin Palmo Jetsunma attachment is when you want the other person to make you happy, love is when you want the other person to be happy even if their happiness doesn't include you.

Buddha used the metaphor of a flower to describe what love is.

Buddha said, “If you like a flower you pick it out of the ground, place it in a vase and admire its beauty until dries out. If you love a flower, you leave it in the ground, water it and watch it bloom.”

People have their own personalities, values, dreams, and free will. They all have the ability to control their own thoughts and beliefs.

What is the Power of Positive Thinking?

Positive thinking is focusing our thoughts on positive uplifting things and outcomes for the circumstances in our life, both present and future. Do not focus your attention on what you don’t want, focus your attention on what you do want.

Our thoughts become things and manifest into reality if our focus is intense enough. If we focus on the worst possible outcome of a situation these constant negative thoughts of ours will bring about the very thing we don’t want to occur.

Our constant positive thoughts often bring about positive results in our lives, this is The Power of Positive Thinking.

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Can Positive Thinking Attract the Love of a Specific Person?

Trying to use positive thinking to influence the mental state of another person is a foolish endeavor.

You are using the power of positive thinking the wrong way, and will be sadly disappointed if you try to use positive thinking to exert mental control over the free-will of another. This will only prolong your pain.

Your love interest has the right to do as they wish. If they do not wish to have a loving relationship with you, then set them free. There are plenty of other fish in the sea. If one person doesn’t love you the way you want them to, don’t beat yourself up, find someone who does.

You deserve to find someone who will truly love you. Why let your attachment to another person negatively affect your emotional state?

Decide that you want to find the ideal person for a relationship.

Instead of trying to change someone, or manipulate them, use the power of positive thinking to design and manifest your ideal life partner. Take some time to think about who this person is.

What are their interests and hobbies?

What is their personality like?

Are they intellectual, humorous, adventurous?

How do you want them to treat you, and your family?

What are your rules about what you are willing to accept in your relationship with them?

Start by Positive Thinking While Meditating.

Begin relaxing your body by focusing your attention on just your breathing. Breathe in for a count of four, hold it for a count of two, exhale for a count of four, and hold it for a count of two before repeating the process again.

This concentrated focus on your breathing will clear your mind of any other thoughts and allow you to focus your attention on what you want to bring about through positive thinking. If you can enter into the hypnagogic state while you are in your meditative state, your efforts with be far more effective.

Tell yourself that you are attracting into your life, a loving life partner. Staring with an emotional state, visualize yourself feeling the emotions you want to feel when you are with your life partner. Think about the experiences you want to have with your life partner.

What are you doing together?

Are you in a boat on a lake enjoying the gentle waves?

Are you riding a horse in the mountains?

Maybe a day at the beach by the ocean is what you want, or even just a relaxing evening at home.

Whatever your desire is, feel that it is happening right now in the present moment. Experience the love, and mutual affection you have for each other as if it is really happening right now.

After you have experienced the emotions of your visualizations, you can create physical attributes for your desired life partner as well. Remember, beauty fades, but a good heart is forever.

Don’t use The Power of Positive Thinking to get him / her back, use it to manifest the right one into your life.

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