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69 Beer Drinking Quotes Quotes:

By Expat Emporium

69 Beer Drinking Quotes

Beer Drinking Quotes All Beer Lovers Can Relate To.

Expat Emporium has compiled beer drinking quotes from multiple sources across multiple time periods. Let beer drinking experts enlighten you with their wisdom.

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Motivational Business Quotes:

By Expat Emporium

Motivational Business Quotes

Get motivated to grow your business.

Entrepreneurs are a different breed, and have a much different mindsets than rank and file employees do. Even entrepreneurs need a little motivation, and positive thinking sometimes. Keep moving forward to grow your business.

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Can Positive Thinking Get Him / Her Back?

By Expat Emporium

Can Positive Thinking Get Her Him / Her Back

Can positive thinking effect the mental state of another person and make them love us?

Trying to use positive thinking to influence the mental state of another person is a foolish endeavor.

You are using the power of positive thinking the wrong way, and will be sadly disappointed if you try to use positive thinking to exert mental control over the free-will of another. This will only prolong your pain.

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Winter Necessities For Your Car

By Expat Emporium

Essential items for your car or truck this winter

7 Essential items for your car or truck this winter.

With modern twenty-first century technology, it is easier than ever to be prepared for inclement weather, but many times Mother Nature has different ideas than the weatherman. It is much better to error on the side of caution.

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How to Write Your Story?

By Expat Emporium


What is inside of your head?

Are you ready to take the ideas from inside your head and write them down for the world to see? Let go of your excuses, and your fears stopping you from writing your story. Nobody can write it but you.

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By Expat Emporium


The Great American Pastime.

Many people all over the world enjoy camping. It is a great way to relieve stress as you relax in nature. The fresh air and sights and sounds around you in the morning, combined with a crackling fire at night, is an experience everyone should have.

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