About Expat Emporium:

My name is Jason Andrew, I am the founder of Expat Emporium.

Expat Emporium was originally created as an import / export business. Our business plan was to supply American expats living abroad with hard to find Western products, and bring foreign products to the American consumer.

The business plan for Expat Emporium has been changed to an online market place.

Today more than ever people are doing their shopping online. We here at Expat Emporium would like to help you by doing the research to make informed buying decisions.

Our objective is to give you the best advice before you make a purchase that will save you time, and money.

Expat Emporium not only offers great advice for product buying, we also have helpful articles related to everyday life, to both educate, and entertain you.

We are passionate about customer service, and hope you enjoy your experience at Expat Emporium.

Jason Andrew

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