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After working 7 days a week more often then not for several years, I have decided that if I am going to put in that much time, and dedication into my job I may as well start my own business. Why work so hard for somebody else’s business when I can put that effort into building my own? My old school work ethic doesn’t seem to mesh well with today’s cut back, and forget quality lackadaisical employer mentality. When you talk about wanting to start a business and stop working for the man to make them wealthy people listen. You will find others who think like you do, and a partnership is formed.

The vision that we have for Expat Emporium comes in two parts. The first is bringing quality products from Thailand, and South East Asia to the Western consumer. The second part of our business plan is to deliver Western made products that are difficult to acquire to expats living in Asia. Building a business from an idea, or vision into reality, and manifestation takes a lot of dedication, and hard work. We are completely dedicated to our vision for the Expat Emporium.

We are well aware that this will be no easy task. We will need to find suppliers, and distributors both here in the U.SA., and overseas in Asia as well. There will be government regulations to follow, and taxes to pay on both sides of the globe. Finding Thai business partners that we can trust to handle things at the Asia end is definitely a must to accomplish our goals. If you know Thailand, then you know dual pricing exists there. There is the Thai price for goods, and there is the farrang (foreigner) price, and the spread can be quite large. We believe that Thai business partners are essential to making this work, and a little help from lady luck. Some good Karma couldn’t hurt either.

We have found a trustworthy business partners in Thailand to run the S.E. Asia side of our business. We have arranged a trip to Thailand in the coming weeks to meet with our new partners, and acquire products for our store.

Please visit our store to see our currently available products. We thank you for your support.

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